Freese Shipping GmbH & Co. KG

Shipping Group

Technical Management

Freese Shipping ship managers and superintendents are in constant communication with clients' head office and fleet to provide high standard technical support and control ships' status, performance and operational ability including cargo handling and conditions, hull and machinery routine maintenance, major repairs and dry dock planning and supervision, financial budgeting, statutory and class certification.

Vessel performances are monitored and evaluated against set KPI's to verify machinery's condition, bunker, fuel and lube oil consumptions, replacement of parts and to highlight changes in status.

Performance monitoring include regular visits aboard and reports scrutiny to keep the operational expenses under control.

Our technical staff is ready to timely respond to emergency on 24 x 365 basis. Flying squads are available to resolve critical situations and limit technical downtime.

Long-lasting relationships with selected shipyards around the world guarantee well-organized and cost-effective repairs and dry-dockings. Regular dialogue with Classification Societies and Maritime Administrations ensures efficient ship administration.

Safety, Security, Quality, Environment and Risk Management

We developed a proprietary safety management system applicable on all ships, irrespective of their type: ships under our control are subject to regular inspections by technical or safety inspectors to ensure flawless compliance with IMO ISM, ISPS codes and other standards, applicable third party safety requirements and new rules as they come into force. Freese Shipping is certified according ISO 9001 by DNVGL.

Safety and quality management includes periodical internal audits and safety management meetings aboard; qualified and experienced office staff evaluate safety and quality reports for further review and action.

Our quality policy promotes the practice of self-assessment to develop a strong positive attitude towards safety and environment issues amongst shipboard personnel.

Vessel Operation

The Vessel Operation service includes the preparation of budget for port and bunker, appointment of port agents, dealing with any marine matter during operation and provision of local support in designated ports.

Freese Shipping Operation Department is in constant communication with ships' masters, charterers, brokers, port agents and bunker suppliers, to ensure that vessels adhere to planned voyage schedule, supporting our clients in the management of the Charter Party

Procurement & Logistics

Freese Shipping Purchasing Department supports the technical staff with cost effective procurement of miscellaneous store, consumables, parts and services for ships.
Our transparent and ethical policy ensures that our clients benefit of lowest purchasing prices. Providing a ship with the necessary spares and stores at the right place, time and cost is a critical success factor: to accomplish this task we set up agreements with leading suppliers, professional partners in transportation and have access to excellent credit facilities.


Freese Shipping accounting services include the definition of vessels' budget in strict contact with clients finance & administration departments and the monitoring of running costs against budget to maintain control of all ship's expenditures.

Accurate tracking of all financial commitments and detailed reporting allow precise cash flow forecast.

The accounting system can be customized to meet specific individual needs of clients.

Insurance & Claims Handling

Freese Shipping can arrange insurance at very competitive rates through our long-standing connections with the major marine underwriters and P and I clubs.

We can provide expertise and experience to assist clients in their insurance claims handling process at notification, assessment, expenses management and settlement stage, aiming to resolve claims as quickly and effectively as possible.

Information Technology (IT) and Communication System

We keep effective ship-shore communication through a professionally developed software specifically designed for ship management. The communication package includes monitoring of stores and spares, purchasing and accounting operations, ship budgeting and cost control.

We can assist our clients in the setup of the on board planned maintenance and stock database.

Technical Consultancy

  • Pre-purchase Inspections and Audits
  • Dry Docking Supervision
  • Vessel technical surveys
  • Implementation of Planned Maintenance programs
  • ISM / ISO implementations